Miss Art Deco 2015 Pageant

Presenting the new Miss Art Deco Pageant titleholders

Whitney Chaffin - Miss Art Deco 2015

Sabrina Ramos - Miss Teen Art Deco 2015

Alexandra Perez - Miss Jr. Art Deco 2015

Licela Navarro - Miss Art Deco International 2015

Angela Overton - Ms. Art Deco 2015

Crowning moment of Miss Art Deco 2015, Whitney Chaffin

Crowning moment of Miss Teen Art Deco 2015, Sabrina Ramos

Crowning moment of Miss Art Deco International 2015, Licela Navarro

Crowning moment of Ms. Art Deco 2015, Angela Overton

Crowning moment of Miss Jr. Art Deco 2015, Alexandra Perez

Opening Number Dance dresses by Designer Henrry Meza.

Swimsuit Competition

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