I Heart Fashion I Heart Kids 2016

Miss Jr. Art Deco 2016, Emy Barreras was a featured model in the 5th annual celebration of

I HEART Fashion. I HEART Kids presented by Ballon Rush and hosted by FDE Fashion Designer Expo in association with Access Lumas, Inc. Also partnered with Fashion for Charity and Bella Fashion Design held on Saturday February 6th at the Miami Airport Convention Center & Double Gree Hotel.

"I HEART Fashion.I HEART Kids" empower youth around the globe using their love for fashion as the tool. the event featured over 400 kids and teens, strengthening their Self Confidence, Self Esteem, Self Worth, as youth while encouraging them to dream big.It focuses on anti-bullying. Bullying has become a very sad issue in our school system for years and has caused more and more suicides. "I HEART Fashion.I HEART Kids" is taking a step towards positive change by using fashion as the tool to empower our youth; building up their self esteem and equip them with the strength and confidence to face the challenges of life.

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