Million Meal Pack 2017

Layda Hernandez, Miss Art Deco 2017 volunteered for The Miami Dolphins and AARP Foundation Million Meal Pack held at Nova Southeastern University Rick Case Arena. The event was a contribution of success of Million Meal Pack! A total packed of 1,003,680 meals that will be delivered to low-income older adults by Feeding South Florida and Broward Meals on Wheels. This event and the subsequent impact on the South Florida Community would not have been possible without amazing volunteers.

Layda Hernandez, Miss Art Deco 2017 volunteer packing for the Million Meal Pack.

Meals packed: 1,003,680 Boxes of food: 3,485 Total pounds of food: 128,945 Pounds per box: 37 Packing tables: 63 Meal portions per box: 288 Truckloads: 5 Meals per truckload: 200,000


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